Spring-Summer / 2018


creAIted symphony
Limited series of concerts in European capitals where classical musicians perform a four-parts symphony composed by Pianola neural network. Every part is devoted to a particular city and references the styles of famous composers from Bach to Fernando Lopes-Gracia.
Using musical themes created by artificial neural network Pianola, musicians devote their symphony to the world without borders: British, French, German, Russian composers are detached from their roots and become modern nomads: what if Bach lives in Shoredich? Haendel looks for antique treasures on the Flohmarkt near Mauerpark and patries in Berghain? Rakhmaninov starts his day with a coffee to go in Marais and finishes it with a glass of pastis on Place des Vosges, while Ravel dines on the Rubinstein street in St.Petersburg and goes for a white-night pub crawl?

Join us on the unique journey through centuries and cultures that could finally come true with the help of technology.
World Premiere of the symphony will take place at
VivaTech Festival
The team of artists itself represents a fusion of cultures and ideas: Russian scientists living in Germany, French composers, an American conductor based in Spain and Italy, a French creative director with Polish roots and a multinational team of musicians joined their forces to bring the project to life.
Yann Debiak
Creative producer.
Production Manager at Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire
General Producer at The Color Bars Experience
Jean-Christophe Cheneval
Composer, Sound Producer
Actor, Performer, Writer
John Axelrod
Artistic and Musical Director at Real Orquestra Sinfonica de Sivilla
Principal guest conducor at Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi
Ivan Yamschikov
Alexey Tikhonov
7+ years in Data Analytics
Data Analyst at Yandex, Berlin
Creator of Pianola Neural Network
Ksenia Fossaert
General Producer
Co-founder at Transform.AI conference
Ex-VP International Business Development at Yandex Data Factory
Christophe Patrix
Composer, Arranger, Musician
The Color Bars Experience
Professor at Conservatoire in Cholet (France)
Ekaterina Malachkova-Debiak
Violinist, Creative Co-Producer
Laureate of International Competitions
Creative producer at
The Color Bars Experience
We are proud to be supported by the European tech industry influencers.
If you would like to become a partner in your city, please, contact us.
The opening session at YaC 2017 (Moscow).
Music inspired by Skryabin's anniversary is created by Pianola neural network. See the detailed description of the project and methodology in the scientific preprint.
The Color Bars Experience.
The project is created by Yann Debiak to memorize the honor of underground musicians of the 20th century by rethinking their creative activity, giving it new sound and gentle interpretation.
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